Gary Jenkins
The Beauty of Oil Painting

The Jenkins method of oil painting has attracted over the years more and more followers. The Jenkins courses and instructions on Television or DVD`s as well as in books have inspired many beginners to grab the brushes and become active on canvas.

With the help of this App for iPad we like to fulfill many recent requests from our customers.

Using this interactive App will guide your through the process of the Jenkins style of Painting.

This App “Gary Jenkins” is made available as a free painting instruction session. It also demonstrates our concept of a fast and efficient “painting class”.

Fasten your iPad on your easel, switch on your iPad and follow all necessary instructions and paint along with the Jenkins style of oil painting. In one hand you easily can navigate the iPad, and with your other hand paint on the canvas. Touch the Icons below. Jump to the various steps in the process or fast forward or rewind the program to repeat specific brush strokes.

We would very much appreciate your feedback. We will continue to add more apps and they will become available soon.

Your artefakte and Farbi Flora Team

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